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My posts depend on my mood at that particular moment. No theme... Definitely random.

"Only predictable thing about life is it's unpredictability"


"I can’t move on"…"I miss you" he said. Yet here I am.

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Almost 3a.m. … I miss you. I hate feeling this way. I wish you were here.

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I can’t sleep!!! 3 a.m. And I can’t stop thinking. Fml.

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So tired of wanting you

2:30 a.m… And all I can think of is… Where does I go wrong again?! Fml. How did I let u come back into my life knowing its so easy for you to walk away from me.

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Miss your arms

Woke up sad today. Rainy day seems to compliment my mood. Sucks to miss someone you know has not given you a second thought all these months.

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Very intoxicated